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Who We Are
Established in 1973, Domiatec has been at the forefront of the agricultural scene in Egypt for over 40 years. Since its inception, the company has carried the vision and values of its founder – Eng. Mohamed El Domiaty – whose quality focus and attention to details have served as the cornerstones of this organization.

Our primary business focus has been on the supply of top-quality seed potatoes to the Egyptian market where we have been the most prominent player since 1990s.
Our services cater to the corporate farmers as well as small individual establishments in the areas of farming techniques, advice and directions throughout the season and in preparation for subsequent seasons.

We also provide specialized high-end storage services to key customers and manufacturers.
In addition to our trading and services, Domiatec Agri-Group owns and manages a number of certified cultivation facilities that produce a variety of crops targeting both local and export markets.

As the parent company for all Agri Business Subsidiaries, Domiatec Agri-Group provides core functions including Quality, Marketing, Research and Development, Finance, and Supply Chain Management to all its operating Subsidiaries.
Word from The Chairman
The journey to reach your destination appears to be long; yet, in fact, it is never-ending.
The closer you get to where you thought you wanted to go, the more enthusiastic you become to reach further. Such has been Domiatec Agri-Group’s journey of success.
Back in the early 70’s as startup, we could only see through limited communication technology allowed: some opportunities in the agricultural sector.
We relied on an innate business sense; a gut feel reflecting the tacit knowledge gathered through one’s young, yet eager and aspiring life.

As we boldly set out to capture these opportunities, our vision was to attain a strong position within the agricultural sector. The harder we worked, the more opportunities were unlocked ahead of us; and our vision became clearer and more ambitious.

It is now almost half a century since we started and we are still raising the bar of our ambition in market leadership, product quality, and managerial practices. In this constantly changing world of today, our ethos and the primary success driver continue to be: Aim Higher Reach Further.
Eng. Mohamed El Domiaty


As pioneers, we innovate to provide our local and international business customers with premium value-added agricultural products and services that enhance the Egyptian agriculture value-chain and promote sustainable agricultural practices.

Our success capitalizes on our heritage, technical know-how, sustainable research and development, employee commitment and supplier’s partnership.


We are a benchmark in agricultural excellence recognized as a leader in diversified and integrated product and service offerings.
Core Values

Commitment to Quality

We are committed to providing the highest level of quality products and unprecedented services.

Continuous Development

We constantly develop our company through improving our processes, committing to research & development, and applying managerial best practices.


We seek the highest levels of professionalism in all our internal and external business dealings and operations.

Sense of ownership

Everyone at DOMIATEC has a strong sense of ownership and responsibility for our business success and growth.

Value creation

We strive to enhance the value chains of the sectors we operate in and positively contribute to the community and all stakeholders.


We have a strong sense of partnership with our collaborators and customers conducting business on the basis of mutual benefit and trust.