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Ahmed-Sameh El Domiaty designated as new Domiatec Agri-Group CEO
The new CEO of Domiatec Agri-Group assumed his role in Q4 of 2019 by bold restructuring and governance initiatives.
Sameh’s vision for the future of the company is transparent and strongly defined by a focus on managerial excellence.
A strong advocate of modern management techniques, Sameh took the lead of the organizational transformation initiative and was a key player in the formulation of Domiatec’s future direction. Prior to this post, he was in charge of business development where his global market knowledge enabled him to introduce new products and affiliations.

Sameh spent much of his young adulthood in the UK where he attended TASIS, the American School in London, and subsequently joined the Richmond University, where he received his Open University Diploma and awarded Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration: International Business with combined studies in 2005. During this period, his influential experience was greatly enriched along with his interpersonal skills. Realizing the importance of constant education, he sought a condensed course of study at Nicola Caramia and Associates in London, where he completed a customized executive programme in Management and Marketing in 2008.

Sameh returned to Egypt to join Domiatec, where his education and exposure served him well in establishing a structured and research-based approach to managing international suppliers and enhancing the organization’s potato trading business. For much of his early tenure with Domiatec, Sameh was single-handedly responsible for all the marketing and public relations activities as well as participation in the strategic planning. His involvement in the day-to-day operations and his proximity to top management, accelerated his maturity to hold leadership positions in the organization.
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Germicopa joins Domiatec’s list of acclaimed suppliers
It was indeed a strong season for Domiatec Agri-Group’s seed potatoes with the advent of two new versatile varieties from Germicopa, the most prominent seed potato supplier in France and a market mover in all of Europe.
The partnership cornerstones were laid down across many years of interaction and close encounters but were cemented recently with much collaboration in testing and re-launching of Amany & Daifla varieties in Egypt.

Germicopa has one of the largest breeding stations in Europe and is a leader in new variety development through research and trials. Both companies look forward to establishing stronger ties and working closely together to develop new varieties that are better suited for the Egyptian environment with high yields, better storage characteristics and stronger disease and pest resistance.
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Domiatec Agri-Group brings Innovation in Agricultural Solutions to Egypt via a new partnership with Intermag
Traditional solutions in farming have been effective but most ignored efficiency and environmental considerations. With higher need for water conservation and human health and
wellbeing, innovators in the field of agricultural solutions have been kept busy.

Our most recent partnership with Intermag ensures that Domiatec remains true to its mission in promoting sustainable agricultural practices that enhance the value to all stakeholders across the value chain.
The result of our collaboration has been the introduction of Mikrovit Boron, an indispensable product for many crops and its INT technology enhances absorption and transfer of the boron element.
Both companies have pledged to continue supporting innovation research to introduce further products to the Egyptian market over the years to come.
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