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Dry storage

Domiatec owns a wide range of highly facilitated and constructed hangars to store agricultural and non-agricultural products in various locations with total storage capacity up to 60,000 m2.

Our dry storage space offers aggressively high standards of pest control, cleanliness and hygiene.

Cold Storage

Our cold storage rooms are very well established with state-of-art equipment. We use modern machinery with high quality; allowing customization of the storage climate conditions considering the temperature, humidity, and lighting requirements of each separate product. It can accommodate from -20°C to 18°C.

And as we care for the environment, we ensure that all the equipment used are eco- friendly. Taking into consideration the use of wooden boxes and electrical reach truck. Storage rooms can accommodate all kinds of food products; from fresh food products such as (potatoes, onions) to frozen products such as (poultry, frozen chicken and fish).

Packing and Grading

Domiatec offers high quality packing solutions for fruits and vegetables.
We ensure to provide grading line services that accommodate diversified crops sizing and high quality packing.